ruby ring price in Delhi

Ruby Ring Price

Ruby Gemstone ( माणिक, माणिक्य )

  1. Ruby (Variety of Corundum mineral species) is a Precious Red Gemstone, called Manik in Hindi.
  2. Ruby comes in Pure Red hue (Pigeon’s Blood color) or various Tones of Red.
  3. Ruby Gemstone is liked for its Pure Red hue unlike seen in any other Gemstone Ruby is Birthstone of July month & is associated with Sun planet in Indian Astrology.
  4. Ruby, Manik Gemstone (for Astrological Purpose) Price range is ₹ 2,000 ($ 26.89) to ₹ 50,000 ($ 672.34) per Carat as per the quality (Color, Clarity, Cut, Shape, etc.). Ruby stones priced below ₹ 2,000 are Treated, Heated, Glass Filled & of Poor Quality, thus not suitable for Astrological Purpose.
  • Ruby Benefits: Ruby (Manik) is the stone associated with ‘Sun’. Sun is considered as the King among the Nine Planets and hence the most powerful too. Sun is the source of energy, Powerful, Authoritative and Respectable. A Strong Sun signifies similar qualities of Leadership, Confidence and Motivation. Wearing Ruby is beneficial for people in Government Job, Senior Positions or In Business. Ruby is also beneficial for people with Low Confidence, low self-esteem and lack of leadership qualities. It is a stone for Fame and relationships. It helps to get favors and acknowledgment from people at higher authorities. Ruby ensures a cordial relationship with Partner, Family and Society members. It can ignite lost flame in a relationship. As per western astrology, It is also the birthstone for the month of July

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