White-Sapphire 9.25 Ratti Pukhraj Loose Gemstone

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WHITE SAPPHIRE is the stone of invincibility that bestows upon the wearer courage, fortitude and determination to pursue any task. Love, beauty, fame and happiness are inspired by the Ashlee of diamond rays. If you have a very positive Venus in your natal chart you can be bestowed with a RajYoga. For a happy married life, diamond is the best solution on astrological terms. The wearer with positive Venus will have good love relationship, happy married life, beautiful children and lovely home. They may have extra-marital affairs which will be safe and not spoil social image. Venus is artistic, feminine planet that enhances virtues, art, tenderness, communication skills, positivity. Weak Venus leads to depression, suicide tendencies, loneliness, madness symptoms and also violence at home. Diamonds have ability to increase positive aura of the wearer and make them feel more energetic and enthusiastic.


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