Green Emerald (Panna) 8.25 Ratti

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About this item

  • NATURAL GEMSTONE – Certified from reputed laboratory
  • ASTROLOGICAL GEM – Gemstone is very apt for astrological purposes.
  • PACKING: Gemstone along with certificate is packed safely and beautifully.
  • GENUITY: Gemstone will be very similar to the image shown.
  • RARE & PRECIOUS GEM: Beware of cheap fake stones. Rare things are not cheap.


Genuine & Certified Natural Gemstone . Certified & Sealed By Reputed Gem Testing Laboratory .Natural Emerald GemStone Is Also Known As Pannna.It Count a big Three in the World of Colored Gemstone.Wearing an emerald also known as panna brings in intellectual progress Natural intelligence ,Balanced perpective and better ability to grasp deeper subjects too.Wearing an emerald can give huge edge in relation to the communication skills


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