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Blue Sapphire Neelam Price in Haryana

Blue Neelam or Neelam is the jewel of peace of Saturn. As you know, Saturn is called the judicial officer among all the planets in the solar system. Saturn gives the person the fruits of his good or bad deeds. Saturn is also called an evil planet. Shani is also responsible for the sudden disaster in life. Any position of Saturn in your horoscope can be either beneficial or harmful. If Saturn is in a good position in Saturn ur horoscope then it can also make you a king.
You can wear blue sapphire in gold or silver squads. This is a very beneficial gem. This gem keeps the person away from the negative environment and makes you more powerful. Whoever holds the sapphire is blessed with prosperity, fortune, fame, happiness, longevity. Wearing sapphire gives you confidence and makes you more energetic and active. Blue sapphire protects the wearer from evil eyes. Saturn also indicates long and chronic diseases.
Wearing day: Saturday
Finger wear: middle finger

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